Why This Has Been Our Favorite Campsite So Far!!

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Derek and I had a wonderful long weekend at the Quemahoning. We both agreed almost instantly that our new favorite campsite had been found! Now as we regroup for the week and go about our typical business I find myself dreamily drifting back to an afternoon with golden sunlight drenched leaves. The cool silky nylon of a hammock clings against my outstretched legs. A gentle tune of a harmonica floats through the air, the small tinny notes gain enough speed to take up space, until the breeze sweeps them along. Birds chase each other overhead. Derek is crisping bacon in a familiar double-swirled tie dye. Standing off-kilter he peers out through the woods to the lake glittering through sturdy tall pines of an aged forest. Camping at the Quemahoning Family Recreation Area was filled with afternoons that weren’t hurried, and felt simply right. Derek and I reflected on what exactly made our stay so perfect. There are some features of a campsite that can make it stand out above the rest. Now that we’ve figured out what those are for us, we will definitely be looking for more spots like this in the future (and hopefully happen upon some too)!

The recreation area serves as the public access point to the 900-acre Quemahoning Reservoir. The

Que Family Rec Area

is so much more than a campground, and consists of a full-service campground, boat launch, and recreation area with rentable pavilions. A tiny Yak Shak near the boat launch offers canoe, kayak, and paddle board rentals, as well as fishing bait, camping supplies, and yummy treats. Activities at the Que include fishing, sailing, windsurfing, boating, a swimming beach, playground, picnicking areas, baseball, volleyball, soccer, horseshoe pits, to name a few. The

first 17-mile loop of Quemahoning hiking trails

recently opened, inviting cyclists, hikers, skiers, and snowshoers to enjoy the trail that circles the entire reservoir. Day visitors are welcome to fish, swim, and play after purchasing a day pass to use the recreation area.

The facilities also lend to longer stay for anyone looking to pitch a tent, hook-up an RV, or stay in one of two rustic cabins. Two cabins furnished with electricity are available to rent near the entrance of the campground. Each of these simple cabins has a picnic table, fire ring, two sets of bunk beds and plenty of room outside for additional tent space. The cabins themselves have no plumbing, but a bathhouse and water are located nearby. Over 40 tent campsites are also available, and offer you plenty of choice as to what type of environment you want to relax in. There are options of heavily wooded sites or a site right on the lake with non-motorized boat access, perfect for all you kayakers out there! The campground is intimate by comparison to larger family recreation areas, and the shower house and water are only a short walk away from all sites. Derek and I, of course, reserved one of the 25 different RV sites located at the Que. Each site comes with a picnic table and fire ring, as well as 30 amp electric service. Several sites also offer 50 amp electrical hook-ups. Sewage dump and water are nearby, and the shower house is a short walk from RV sites. There is no water or sewer located at RV sites, so be ready for dry camping! The campground also has a policy for all campers to pack out their trash when leaving.

We’ve called home to a small variety of locations at this point and have narrowed down some of our favorite campsite features. One of the top contenders is: space. When we are dry camping it may be easier to find secluded spots away from other travelers, but it a campground you definitely are going to run into others. We believe both camping scenarios can be equally enjoyable in their own right. Having enough space between RV sites is crucial for us to really feel comfortable and settle into a new place. Without enough space, it's a little harder to breathe. Living room makes all the difference in the feel of a place. Derek and I thoroughly enjoyed the spacious sites at the Que. Each site was outfitted with a fire ring, large picnic table, and ample space to park vehicles. Our site also had a large wooded area perfect for hanging a hammock or having a large gathering. At night around our campfire it would have felt like the two of us were the only ones in the park, minus the faint laughter and whispers on the wind.

Another important factor to us is being immersed in nature. When planning to make this lifestyle change, Derek and I discussed the importance of being outside for a large portion of our lives. The next campsite feature we can’t live without is having some kind of natural beauty or view around. This is a wide and varied feature that encompasses everything from trees to mountains to lakes. We just want to have something beautiful to see and experience. The natural world is something we both treasure with wonderment. One of our goals is to travel to see as many natural wonders as we can in our lives. Not only do we want to be immersed in nature to have experiences, but spending time with Mother Earth feels restorative to the soul. It was wonderful to slow down, and experience the beautiful forest and water views of the Quemahoning Reservoir area for a few days.

The final campsite perk we look for is a place that has something to do! I get that every location you end up will probably have something we to do, and that the experience is what you make it, but some places just have a more highly concentrated amount of activities to take advantage of! Derek and I love to have ample choice in new and fun experiences while in a location. Staple activities that we tend to look for are places we can take the dog, hiking trails, swimming spots, and coffee shops. We leisurely crammed as much as we could into this past weekend by filling hours with reading in the hammock, hikes with the beast, splashing at the beach, and crackling fires. The Que Rec Area also enticed us to try out paddle boards for the first time. Rentals were affordable and by the hour. Both of us championed our suspicions of the new sport and had a one-of-a-kind experience on the water. The time passed slowly and so suddenly at once. On the day of our departure, we weren't ready to leave the Que behind.

Derek and I loved our spacious campsite, proximity to beautiful natural wonders, and the bountiful options for activities at the Quemahoning. We won’t forget this trip anytime soon. Our latest trip has invigorated us; we’re excited and planning for our upcoming travels, looking forward and wondering about all the places we will see and experiences to come. Do you have a dream campsite or location to visit? Let us know here on the blog, write a comment on this week’s YouTube video, find us on Facebook, Snapchat, or Instagram. To follow along on this journey with us like, subscribe, follow... on whatever social media platform you use.

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