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Our dream is becoming more like reality! Derek and I have moved into our RV, and are chipping away at starting our own tie dye business. The two of us have been busy planning our wedding, working, finding remote jobs for the road, starting our small business, getting ready to launch Tie Dye Travelers Etsy store, and the list goes on. We still have so much work ahead of us but things are coming along quite hectically… I mean in a nice and orderly fashion! The number one question we’ve been asked since moving into the RV is hands-down, “What’s your plan? Where are you going now?”

Derek and I will spend our honeymoon at the magical Fort Wilderness. We can't wait to take our home to Disney!

You asked, and so we’ll share! Derek and I are traveling locally until our wedding on September 21st. We’re moving around and staying at a few different camping locations in the area. So far 1889 Park, Woodland Park Campground, and even in a friend’s driveway, have been the location of our home! After the wedding, the distance traveling begins. Our first big destination is to a honeymoon in Florida. Still starry eyed in nuptial bliss, we’ll celebrate at Disney World by staying at Fort Wilderness Campground! I. Am. So. Excited. About. This. Trip. I am so jazzed about this trip, that I spent hours and hours researching and planning the perfect Disney honeymoon for Derek and I. After the honeymoon we plan to stick around FL for a bit and visit family in the area. Then we’re headed Westward in our adventure. A little wherever the wind blows us in nature, our plan is pretty flexible.

Now that you know “the plan” let’s explore some of the fun on-goings right here in PA! The first place we drove our rig to after purchasing it was 1889 Park. What a great park for us to start RVing in. The RV park itself is fairly small, with only 9 spots. Each space is mostly level, has ample space with a fire pit, and WiFi was newly installed as we were pulling out. Most of the time the park had vacancies when we were there, but should be busier when we visit again later in the summer season. 1889 Park also boasts camping and pavilion rentals, playgrounds, a ball field and skating rink, walking and exercise trails, Coal Miner’s Memorial & Museum, and Disaster’s Edge Environmental Education Center. Derek and I were excited to explore a place close to our sticks and bricks house, that neither of us had been to since we were kids.

We had some much to do at this location! One of my favorite ways to spend time at 1889 Park was to go on hikes. There were plenty of hiking and nature trails to keep us busy and walk the dog close by. Derek and I also spent some time at the Johnstown Flood National Memorial Park right up the road. Together we learned about the poor maintenance of the South Fork Dam, which ultimately caused the flood of 1889, which you may have figured out is what 1889 Park is named for. We hiked out to both sides of the failed dam, which now have platforms with information about the flood, and a gorgeous view. I was also able to visit the Lake View Visitor Center one afternoon with my grandmothers, when Derek was at work. Walking at the visitor center you can read exhibits and see artifacts while overlooking the path of the flood. “Black Friday” is a somber film that immerses you in the flood experience, shown at 15 minutes past the hour throughout the day. While I think you should definitely stick around for the film, plan to lighten the mood afterward. I suggest apple pie and vanilla ice cream; it worked for us! There was so much to do at 1889 Park, we of course didn’t get to do it all. Later in the summer we hope to get back there for a little bit longer to check more activities off our list. There is a mini golf course with my name on it. I’m pre-challenging Derek to a bet, winner buys ice cream at The Ranger.

After 1889 Park we headed farther from Johnstown to Woodland Park Campground in Ebensburg, PA. This park is a huge contrast to 1889 Park. There are several streets in this campground with many sites on each. Each site comes equipped with a fire ring and picnic table. The campground has multiple bath houses (which Derek and I have not used ourselves), laundry facilities, a small camp store, and available late-night pull thru RV spots. Tenting space is offered, but is limited to two locations in the campground. Weekends are full of planned activities for children, and there is so much to see in the spacious campground. The property includes 5 lakes, two of which you can fish in and I saw two fish that were at least 18”. Not a fish tale! Boone loves to hike around the lakes and search for frogs every day. He also insists on visiting the bunny hutch and checking out the several other small ponds on property.

While in the Ebensburg area Derek and I have been busily exploring in our free time. Derek found a trail entry point to Gallitzin State Forest on his way to work one day. Then we found ourselves hiking down the state forest road and enjoying the good views one afternoon. I was blown away by the flowers along our hike and the blue skies. On some of the warmer days, we’ve been hunting for a good swimming hole. Recently we went to Teaspoons, a local

With all this adventuring Boone gets stinky! We love to use the outdoor shower to give him a bath.

spot along the Little Conemaugh River. On a day close to 90 degrees Derek and I only ran into a handful of people, which makes it great for taking Boone to go swimming. After a short hike across a crumbling cement road and through a wooded area, two sandy beaches are accessible. The first beach is our favorite, and is the more private of the two. Continue walking the path and further on there is a larger beach with a fire pit. A rope swing hangs in the middle of the river, attached to a metal cable, for those brave enough to swim out, climb up, and jump! Kayakers also use this section of river, and tubing down the river can be fun. After hiking out on this steamy day, Derek and I decided to grab some ice cream from Silver Bells. Ice cream is a predictable trend for us, if you couldn’t tell, and we are becoming ice cream connoisseurs. Derek opted for the usual, a waffle cone with chocolate ice cream. I had a s’mores flurry and Boone had a doggie bowl complete with a few tiny dog bones. My s’more flurry was cool, chocolatey, and literally had mini marshmallows in every bite!

In the evenings we have been going to see a lot of live music. Derek and I actually met at a music event, the Flood City Music Festival, and ever since then we continue loving to see music together. This summer is no exception, and we have been seeing some great live music! We recently checked out Funk Fest held at People’s Natural Gas Park in Johnstown, PA. The fest featured the local musical talents Afro n’At and Pittsburgh’s Beauty Slap. We’ve attended Funk Fest in the past and can’t get enough of the unique horns, funky beats, and dancing crowd. A torrential downpour hit the fest last year, but the audience just got huddled together and kept getting down to the awesome music. This year the rain mostly held off as we enjoyed the festival. Derek and I boogied, had a few bevies, and ate some tasty barbecue. Afro n’At played first. They are a local horn band made up of some widely talented musicians that really know how to get down and have fun doing it. We’ve seen them several times, and each show is a journey of funky fun, good tunes, and good people. Beauty Slap took the second set. This Pittsburgh band is a unique combination of bold horns and live electronic mixing. Ohiopyle also had some live music that peaked our interest at the Fall City Pub. Fall City Pub is an awesome outdoor spot to grab a fresh bite and cold beer after a day of hiking in Ohiopyle or in the evening hours catch some live music. They have musical talents all summer long! One weekend while visiting friends nearby we saw Habitat, another local-to-the-area killer band. Derek and I have more music in our future as well. We’re planning on going to a bluegrass festival soon, as well as seeing Thievery Corporation, and of course celebrating our last pre-marriage anniversary at Flood City Music Festival.

Derek and I are going to continue to explore the local area while we prepare for our wedding, and full travel plans. We’ll continue to keep you in the loop and share all of our fun findings! Don’t forget to like, subscribe, follow... on whatever social media platform you use. We would love to hear from you. What places do you know about in the area that we should check out? What places in the country do we have to see? Let us know here on the blog, write a comment on this week’s YouTube video, find us on Facebook or Instagram. We also just launched our Pinterest. You’ll be able to find all of our blogs and videos there, along with tons of linked resources about RV living, travel, and tie dye!

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