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Our new home, a Flagstaff MicroLite 25BDS, has arrived straight from the factory line and was picked up from Best Choice Trailers! Derek and I have moved and started settling in, making this travel trailer a place of our own. There were so many factors to think about when choosing a new trailer. We had to think about what features were important enough to impact our decision. Ultimately the Flagstaff we went with checked off many of our boxes, and even made us reshape some of our previous opinions. This trailer is jam packed with practical and cool features; we couldn’t be happier with our travel trailer choice!

When Derek and I first sat down to discuss what kind of rig would work best for us, we were open to a lot of options. Auto Trader has a great Beginner's Guide to Types of RVs; click the image above to check out the entire blog post. We researched Class B, Class C, and Travel Trailers. In the end, the travel trailer worked out best for our needs. We knew that having a vehicle to drive separately from our home was pretty important to us. Then it was time to think about cost and our budget. The biggest factor was that having a Class B or Class C and towing my Subaru would require maintaining two engines. This would amount to a huge increase in monthly costs. Cars are expensive! Derek and I would know, we were a three-car household when this process started and are working our way down to become a one-car household. It can be a challenge to have fewer cars. We constantly have to plan ahead and remember to communicate our transportation needs. Derek and I spent a long time talking about everything from maintaining engines to size of the RV to hitches or two and four wheel down towing. Travel trailer won out in the end!

Once we decided to go travel trailer, we could really begin to dig deeper and think about what was important for our living space and must haves for our trailer. We tried to be as practical as possible when brainstorming our wish list. The first must have was an open layout. After staying in my grandparents trailer without a slide, we knew having a slide would be crucial for making ourselves and our pets comfortable. Trailers with no slides can also be wonderful, but Boone is too wild to not have room to roam. Knowing that we wanted a slide, we also thought about the bed. Derek and I actively looked for a trailer with a bed that was accessible when the slide was not in use. While traveling there will be nights when we have to stay somewhere like a Walmart parking lot, and in those situations it’s best not to put out your slide, awning, or use a generator. Some trailer models with bedrooms we saw had beds that weren’t possible to get to when the slide was in. In the Flagstaff we can’t put down our bed, but we have access to the dinette which turns into a queen size mattress. We agreed that should work fine for us because we don’t plan on staying in parking lots very often. Derek and I also looked for beds that were not against a wall. That way each of us would have the ability to get in and out of bed without crawling over the other. It was a luxury request that was granted to us with the Flagstaff.

Speaking of the bed, we went for it and got a model with a Murphy bed. Murphy beds are also known as wall beds or fold down beds. The beds are hinged on one end so they can be folded up and stored vertically against a wall, or even in a closet. At first we were greatly opposed to the idea of a Murphy bed and having to put the bed up and down every day. This was not an easy sell for us. Actually, the first time Derek and I saw the Flagstaff 25BDS we talked about how great the model was, but were both disappointed by the bed. Eventually we fell in love with our Flagstaff and saw the practicality of using such a space saver. One our wish list we wanted to have a bed, dinette, and couch. We also didn’t want to go past a certain length in trailer. The Murphy bed allows us to check all those boxes! Now that we are using the Murphy bed on the daily, I really don’t know what I was so worried about. The bed is easy to put up and down, I don’t fall asleep on the couch anymore, and it actually works out nicely to keep pet hair off the bed. Winning all around!

Check out how easy it is to put a Murphy bed up and down!

Derek and I love to cook, so having a small or hot plate kitchen was a deal breaker for us. We wanted to have a kitchen that was usable and practical for daily cooking. I am so thrilled with the kitchens, yes I said kitchens(!), that are in the trailer. Outside there is a small kitchen with a sink, refrigerator, cupboards, and propane stove. The sink and cupboards have been taken over by tie dye supplies and the kitchen has morphed into a quasi-tie dye studio. The outdoor fridge has been hailed the beer fridge and the stove is great for cooking bacon on without getting grease all over the trailer! Outside there is also a grill and small table attachment for the side of the trailer. The kitchen inside the trailer is a real treat. It has detachable extra counter space and covers for the sink tops to create even more counter space! I love using this feature while cooking or washing dishes. We have a spacious fridge and freezer. The stove has three burners and a HUGE oven. Well, huge for an RV. Most of the other brands of trailers we researched had such small ovens that could only fit a baking sheet or maybe small casserole pan. The Flagstaff’s oven is big enough to roast a chicken or small turkey. One of my favorite features of the kitchen is the crazy amount of storage available. The pantry is ample with four large shelves. This is one spot in the trailer that is a disaster-- we need to organize! I did find a pantry organizer from Bed Bath and Beyond that really started to help the craziness of the pantry, but it needs some more work. I cringe every time I look at this pantry right now. It is not set up in the most user friendly way, and can be a little frustrating. I have been wanting to organize this space for awhile. The good news is, Derek and I recently found some stack-able storage on sale at Big Lots. I'm going to tackle this

pantry soon! We are learning it is so important to organize each space for optimal usage. For us when there isn’t a clear place for items, tidiness goes downhill pretty quickly and the mess begins to take over. Any tips you have for organization would be welcome!

We also had some dream specifications for the bathroom. Some models we’ve seen have such cramped bathrooms. I wouldn’t want to imagine getting ready in one of those. We saw a Flagstaff similar to the one we purchased, at the Pittsburgh RV Show. It had bunk beds and a much smaller bathroom. You can check out our video about that here. Derek is the taller of the two of us and didn’t want to have to duck down to take a shower. Any time we looked at a new trailer model he would stand in the shower to see how it felt. The Flagstaff we picked ended up have a large shower with a skylight. It is heavenly to take a shower on a sunny day! We also wanted a place to put Saylor’s litter box without having it be too up front and center. The closet situation in our bathroom is amazing. A three shelf linen closet is enough to house our towels and any bathroom accessories. The bathroom also has a three door closet on the opposing side of the room. Behind the single door we store the litter box. It is semi-private for Saylor and keeps any smells away from our living space. Before we left our sticks and bricks behind, Saylor transitioned to a top-entry litter box. This has helped cut down on the amount of litter she kicks around and is great for RV living.

There are countless features and layout designs that we love about our new trailer. The trailer is set-up for solar connections, has a 15,000 BTU air conditioner with a dump switch to quickly cool things down, ducted heat, an automatic hitch, a slide cover to keep debris out, and two maxx air fans with vent covers, to name a few. To see all the features of our new travel trailer yourself, check out our latest video on the Tie Dye Travelers YouTube channel. We welcome you into our new home! We are thrilled with and proud of our choice in a Flagstaff MicroLite 25BDS! We would love to hear what you think of our trailer, answer questions about our new home, and hear about your homes-on-wheels!

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