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As most of you know, Derek and I are currently in the middle of a complete lifestyle overhaul. We are selling our home and downsizing in all aspects of our lives. This of course is all to reach our ultimate goal of attaining a more independent, flexible, and free lifestyle where we can travel the country with the pets in our mobile home.

Wormy Chestnut is not a specific type of Chestnut, but refers to American Chestnut trees that were killed by the chestnut blight in the early 1900s. These trees were then damaged by bugs, which created the distinct holes and discoloration in the standing trees. Because almost all mature American Chestnut trees were wiped out, the lumber is rare and a treasure to find. It is usually salvaged from old barns and reprocessed as reclaimed lumber. Between the nail holes, discoloration, worm and insect damage, Wormy Chestnut creates the perfect rustic look.

When starting this process the idea of selling our house was almost unbelievable. While we knew the need to sell our current home to move on to the next was inevitable, it was not an easy decision. Derek bought our house about seven years ago and with the help of friends and family, along with his own extreme handiness and eye for style, completely revamped a run-down foreclosure. Derek is all about the fine details, like the 150-year-old wormy chestnut that makes an appearance throughout the house in doors, chair rails, and even a kitty perch for Saylor! Since buying the house Derek had gutted the bedrooms of their drop-ceilings and dated wood paneling. He built a wood shop in the basement, a killer custom bar, and one-of-a-kind doors and closets. The backyard also go a face lift. Derek built a system of hiking trails on the wooded part of the property. He included two fire pits and countless hidden treasures for our guests to happen upon when they explored.

After I moved in we got a second wind to work on the house even more. Not to mention a second paycheck toward home improvements; can you believe how expensive it is to work on a house! After Derek and I survived ripping out carpet and refinishing the hardwood underneath in a whirlwind two-day project without any kind of serious meltdown, I knew we were perfect together. Did I mention that for one of the days we only had hand sanders? Can you say dream team!? (We can’t talk all the credit though, and had awesome friends helping. Thanks you Luca!) We also put new windows in the house, including a bay window in the living room which is perfect for natural light and reading.

Many hours of hard work, and we'll starting to see finished hardwood!

Which brings me to another feature of the house that I absolutely adore- my library! I always had a large collection of books. I obsessively started gathering books when I was in middle school for my future classroom library. Since then probably 1,000s of books have circulated through my shelves. The reading specialist in me can’t help but to add a new book or two when the opportunity arises… Derek knew that I had always dreamed of a Belle-and-the-Beast-esque library to house my books. So, he built me a custom full wall shelving unit with a cut out for the guest bed and a unique night stand. Although I did help with this project, I mostly geeked out and daydreamed about the perfect organizational system to use. Should I separate children’s books from YA? Would all books be sorted by color for aesthetics or functionally by author’s last night? The possibilities were endless! I practically spent every minute of my free time for weeks in this room once it was finished.

Saylor hiding in her cat tree while Boone does something wild and crazy...

The house was even pimped out for each of the animals! For Saylor we built in some great features. She was in love with a 6 foot cat tree, and used it to hide from (and torture) the dog. When new furniture arrived we had to get rid of the cat tree. Saylor was not a fan, so Derek got creative and built a corner cat perch where she could cuddle up. Finally a happy kitty and a usable end table! Boone later developed a taste for cat food which led us to our next pet project. We built a cat door that gave Saylor access to the basement where her food and litter box were. She loved her dog-free zone... until Boone figured out how to contort through that tiny door. He’s a sneaky one, but we still love him! For Boone we cleared some of the wooded backyard, by hand, and put in a fence so he had a leash-free space to run and play. He always loved to goof around back there and usually insisted that we come outside with him to play.

There are so many pieces of this home that Derek and I love. I’ve given you just a small taste, but the video highlights so many more! One fun fact about the house is that many of the paintings and decorations were actually created by us or people we know. The decorative plate on our coffee table was from an awesome date night at Koch’s Ceramics. In fact, the living room is decorated with old instruments that either belong to Derek or were played by family members. See if you can scope out the giraffe in our video named Geoffrey. He was always the most fashionably dressed giraffe for the holiday and hockey seasons.

To come along on our house tour, check out the latest video at the Tie Dye Travelers YouTube channel. Make sure to stick around until the end- Derek included a video of what the house looked like when he first made the purchase! We have explored countless questions and concerns about leaving a sticks and bricks house to move into the RV and I’m sure more will come as we continue this journey. We love our house but are ready to make moves to live in the RV. Do you think you could take the leap? What would you be nervous to leave behind? For me it was definitely my books! How about the flip side, what would you be happy to be rid of? We’d love to hear from you. Drop us a line and tell us what you’re thinking. (It's easy-- just sign in with Facebook or Google!)

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