We Got Our New Travel Trailer!!

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Instagram OOOOOPS! A little sneak peek.

I have been waiting excitedly to share some BIG news! It has been difficult to keep the secret of our big reveal about which trailer will become our new home. Today is finally the day, and I made it without too many spoiler alerts! I wonder if any super sleuths out there noticed my ‘oops moment’ on Instagram where I accidentally gave a sneak peak of the inside of our trailer. Derek and I have spent countless hours imagining how getting our trailer would play out over the last eight months. We have researched and planned and discussed. It's almost unbelievable, a dream really, but we finally have our brand new travel trailer! Our new home!

Derek and I traveled from Johnstown to the Irwin area where our trailer was waiting for us at Best Choice Trailer. I was anxious the entire trip to Irwin and antsy to finalize buying our new home. As soon as we turned in to Best Choice Trailer and parked, we saw it-- our 24ft 11in Flagstaff Micro Lite 25 BDS! That’s right, we went FLAGSTAFF and love it!!!! Derek and I toured the trailer, going over all the routine use and maintenance. Once I stepped in the trailer I couldn’t stop smiling. The entire staff were absolute peaches! They made us feel so comfortable by answering all of our questions and really getting to know our story so they could give us advice and tips to make sure we were successful in our new venture. George, the amazing salesman that worked with us, had paperwork ready in the office and we got to work signing. There was also the obligatory venture to a tag and title shop down the road. All in all, it was a surreal whirlwind. While we were taking care of business inside, outside a rear trailer camera and hitch were being installed. As the storm of paperwork subsided, we grabbed two t-shirts and walked outside to our newly hitched and ready-to-roll Flagstaff. George snapped a picture of us, then we jumped in.

Here is the official floor plan of our rig!

Derek got to tow the trailer to our first location. He headed down Route 30 east and ended up... wait for it ... in a Walmart parking lot! We thought we had everything needed for setting up the new rig. Derek and I had been stockpiling RV accessories for months. Each paycheck equaled more loot! The two of us used to ceremoniously stand over cardboard Amazon boxes like two kids on Christmas. Fingers twitching with excitement as we ripped tiny cardboard shreds and inched closer to our dream! But, I did say we “thought” we had everything. Our first pit stop to a Walmart parking lot consisted of a quick bite in the trailer, some filming, and purchasing leveling blocks for under the stabilizing jacks of the trailer.

Finally on our way, we continued down 30 and jumped on 219 in Jennerstown. This leg of the trip was our first big elevation change. We were excited to see what towing on a bigger incline would be like. The trailer was still empty of our belongings and weighs about 5,300 lbs dry, making it an easy tow up and down the mountain.

The circle in red shows the largest elevation change in our entire first tow!

Derek and I made it safe to our first camp and set up the rig. He even backed it in first try! Our day was far from over at that point. We had soooo much to do. The pets were at the family lake house, where Derek and I had been staying for a week or two while our trailer arrived, along with all of our stuff. We had to make two trips to the lake and back to start filling up the bare cupboards! There were tons of boxes and of course the organization got way worse before it got better. The truck bed and dinette even ended up being the catchalls for misfit items. Then it was finally time to retrieve the pets and introduce them to our new home. Hesitant and curious at first, they are settling in quite nicely.

We are ecstatic to continue unpacking, organizing, perfecting, and generally making these 25 feet into a home. Next week in our blog and video we’re going to share an in-depth tour of our Flagstaff Micro Lite 25BDS and talk about why we ultimately went with the Flagstaff! What are you most interested to know about the new trailer? Along with the tour, we’re going to answer some of YOUR questions! What do you know about the Flagstaff brand? We would love to hear from you. Check in with us here, write a comment on this week’s YouTube video, find us on Facebook or Instagram-- choose what works best for you!

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