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We have been so busy with the transitions in our life, selling a house and moving into a traveling home, that sometimes Derek and I don’t get enough time to celebrate and cherish another of our upcoming life changes. This past weekend we got to slow down and spend dedicated time appreciating and celebrating our upcoming marriage! Our weekend was full of visiting with family and old friends. We kicked off this stupendous excursion by celebrating our four year anniversary at Flood City Music Festival in Johnstown, PA.

Here is a throwback to the weekend Derek and I met four years ago at Flood City Music Festival!

The Johnstown Flood City Music Festival is held every summer during the first weekend of August at People’s Natural Gas Park. Each year the festival uplifts a variety of American musical talents, and attracts music lovers of all kinds. Derek and I have a love story that began at the Flood City Music Festival, back in 2015. Derek was a local, while I was visiting from out of town. We joked easily with one another and bonded over G Love and chicken balls. The evening was full of music, dancing, good food and good people. Even with the distance and opposite work schedules, Derek traveled from Johnstown to Pittsburgh to see me just a few days after we met. The rest is history; we never stopped traveling to one another! Three years worth of memories later and we have renovated a home, made plans for traveling and introduced 2 furry friends to our family. Back in August of 2018, Derek proposed at Flood City Fest, on the anniversary of the first time we met. The Flood City Music Festival has always held a special place in our hearts. We were thrilled to enjoy the final Flood City Fest before our marriage in September.

Prior to the festival I was lucky enough to be gifted a free ticket! On Thursday I had dropped Derek off at work, ran a few errands, and was attempting to hone my writing craft. As fate would have it, I ended up parking my car at Sandyvale Memorial Gardens. Meandering through the garden I spotted a bench and took pictures, wrote, and read for a bit before meeting Vivian. She was biking through the park and stopped for a chat. When she heard Derek and I were celebrating, Vivian offered us one of the tickets to the festival she had won from work. (Thanks Vivian!!) As a former photographer, she also offered some tips about better lighting for my photographs. A relaxing and joyful evening set the tone for a fulfilling and fun packed festival experience!

Upon arriving at the festival, on Friday, Derek and I explored People’s Natural Gas Park. We took in the various food and craft vendors throughout the park and grabbed some brews. Once we had checked out our options, we ordered a snack of deep fried corn slathered in butter and Parmesan cheese from the Phoenix. This food truck is a staple at Johnstown events. I remember the first year I went to Flood City Music Festival, when Derek insisted we split a chicken ball. Served over a bed of mashed potatoes and gravy, a chicken ball is a crispy, deep fried meld of stuffing and juicy shredded chicken. This tasty treat makes Thanksgiving meet carnival food. If you haven’t been to the Phoenix food truck, I highly recommend ordering a chicken ball. Come hungry because these are not for the faint of heart and should be shared, unless you have a hearty appetite.

After a brief break for dancing fuel, we traveled across the festival grounds to wait for Brownout to take the stage. Brownout is a Latin-funk band based out of Austin, Texas. The upbeat band jammed with a series of covers from Black Sabbath. Their lead singer breathed life into the crowd with his commanding presence and eccentric outfits. Throughout the night Derek and I floated between stages, vendors, and familiar faces. Tunes from Davina & the Vagabonds, Jeff Parigo and Friends, Brownout, and Ghost Light carried heavily in the air.

My sweet tooth won, and Derek and I finished the night out with a final round of treats while hanging out with Morley’s dog. Derek opted for a classic, deep fried Oreos covered in powdered sugar. I went for a crazy concoction new to me. The colorful display placard of a deep fried Poptart caught my eye, and could not be passed up! First step was choosing your Poptart flavor. I went with cherry and then topped it with ice cream and fruity pebbles cereal. Can you say sugar bomb! No matter- it was a delicious combination of hot and cold, chewy and crispy.

We had an amazing night out at Flood City Music Festival celebrating our four year anniversary. Derek and I got to revisit a place that first brought us together, while at the same time kicking off a weekend of celebrating with bridal showers and bachelor/bachelorette parties surrounded by many of the people we love. Do you have a festival or love story to share? We can’t wait to hear about your journeys! Let us know here on the blog, write a comment on this week’s YouTube video, find us on Facebook or Instagram. Don’t forget to like, subscribe, follow... on whatever social media platform you use.

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