We Bought A Spaceship!

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Derek and I made the decision to travel around the country in a pull along travel trailer… and let me tell you it wasn’t an easy choice! There are so many options out there. You could go with a Class A, B, or C, fifth wheel, travel trailer, truck camper, and the list goes on. Ultimately purchasing a travel trailer was right for us, and we were ready to think about our next steps. The next big obstacle we had to tackle was a towing vehicle.

Derek is in love with his Ford Ranger! Not only was this a perfect little dependable truck for us to work around the house, but it is also nostalgic. Derek remembers taking camping trips in the back of his grandfather's Ranger many moons ago!

There is no way my little Subi, a Subaru Impreza, or even Derek’s Ford Ranger was going to be able to pull a couple ton trailer! Both of us love our vehicles for their own reasons. Realistically though, we knew it made the most sense for us to downsize to one vehicle that was capable of towing our rig. We’ve said before that we couldn’t make our dream possible without the support from our friends and family. Derek and I are incredibly thankful for the knowledge and opportunities that have been shared with us. Our new towing vehicle is an example of good timing and incredibly supportive family!

Derek and I love the Boulevard Grill! It's a delicious staple in Johnstown. Derek even used to work there under the nickname Weezer.

When Derek and I first started telling our family and close friends about changing our lifestyle we weren’t exactly sure how everyone would react. I remember going out to eat at a local place called The Boulevard Grill with Barney and Lana, Derek’s grandparents, and sharing our news with them. There were questions and lots of excitement, and not too long after they mentioned Barney was on the hunt for a new truck. They even suggested we might be interested in purchasing their old truck. Boy were we ever!!! We made arrangements and now have a brand new-to-us 2013 Ford F150 crew cab edition.

The crew cab is an amazing feature because it allows us to transform the back seat into a traveling pet paradise on moving days. The back seats fold completely up against the wall, and we decked out the truck with WeatherTech floor liners. If you aren't familiar with WeatherTech, check out the link! They are perfect for keeping any pet messes, along with people messes, off the carpets. The back seat is so spacious that we are able to fit a dog bed, kitty litter box, kitty bed, and a toy or two. Our pets are definitely traveling in comfort!

We made sure to add some color to the truck as soon as we could!

There are so many other bells and whistles in this new truck too. On our first drive in the truck we took a joy ride, shaking the windows with its intense sub woofer and sunning under the open sunroof. You can create multi-colored ambient lighting in the cup holders and lower seats based on your mood of the day. Each seat is heated, a more common feature that I also enjoy in the Subi, but that’s not all! Each seat also has A/C. That’s right, air conditioned seats. I had no idea that was even a thing. I’m certainly not a truck or car expert by any means. I didn’t even know automatic running boards existed either! The first time I got into the truck I remember thinking it was like a fancy spaceship. I was ecstatic to not have to mountain climb into the cab. As soon as we did the math and knew the F150 would safely tow our RV I was set. I’m not much for the nitty-gritty technical details. That’s where Derek comes in-- I’m going to pass along the keyboard and let him nerd out with you about trucks.

Thanks, Alex!! Derek here, and man are we excited about this truck! This thing is loaded with all kinds of features and extras! For starters it has the 3.5L Ecoboost engine, which is a six cylinder. It also has a twin turbo which is where it really gets its power to tow. Having that type of engine helps us save on gas too! This thing gets about 14mpg, which isn’t bad for a truck its size. It also came with the towing package, which means integrated trailer break, transmission towing mode, 4 and 7 pin connectors, hitch connection, and a backup camera that zooms in! This truck was made to tow. It can tow up to 9,200lbs, which is well above our trailers 5,300lbs, dry that is.

The inside spares no expense either, trimmed and outfitted in black leather, the interior is as comfortable as it is luxurious. Leather heated AND cooled seats, touch screen dash with Microsoft Sync that makes it so easy to connect our phones, and a video dash display with all kinds of helpful information too. It even has a 110V outlet in the back seat. There are so many features to this truck the list goes on and on. It truly is a great vehicle.

We are so very thankful to my grandparents, Barney and Lana, for giving us such an amazing deal on such a quality vehicle! Thank you!! Having a reliable truck is a critical part of our new lifestyle, and the journey of a lifetime. It means a lot to not only have your support, but for you both to also want to help us along the way.

Thank you, Barney and Lana, very very much!!

Until next time,

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