On the Hunt for the Perfect RV

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Hunting for the perfect RV is like putting together a complicated 1,000-piece jig saw puzzle- except there are a handful of missing pieces and the box got lost ages ago. You need to focus on each minute detail and specification because a smaller space means you need to really think about each feature. It is essential to think about your wants and needs, and choose the RV that makes these wants and needs fit together in one well-arranged design. Before Derek and I could make an informed choice, we had to first get a broad understanding of the RV world. There are so many options out there! We watched hours of YouTube videos, read web articles, and talked to other RVers. After our initial research we were both set on looking at Class C motor homes and towing my little Subi behind us. Keeping an open mind, we were still curious about Class B motor homes, fifth wheels, and travel trailers. The next step was to jump in and check out some RVs!

Game Plan

Our game plan was to leave our home in Johnstown, PA early and spend the day on an RV window shopping extravaganza. Our first stop in Bedford, PA was East Coast RV. We pulled up and went inside where we talked about our wants, hopes, and dreams for an RV with one of the salesmen. On the sales floor was our first opportunity to get into a small travel trailer and peek around. We took advantage of the heated indoors to ask questions about RV basics. Then it was time to gear up and head out into the arctic chill of Pennsylvania in December. After looking at a few RVs we headed to Ansley RV in Altoona, PA. This place was amazing for window shopping! We had free range to drive around the two RV lots. This gave us a chance to look around on our own before finding an associate in their car. We hear that salesman use golf carts to whip around the lots in more agreeable weather. Ansley RV has a service department right across the street from their lots and provides a variety of warranty work.

The day was moving along quickly, but we decided to go for it and check out all four places on our list. Derek and I cruised across Pennsylvania from Altoona to Arona. All the while we munched on a simple picnic lunch of PB&J and talked strategy. The idea of a Class C motor home was morphing into a travel trailer. We arrived at Best Choice Trailers in Arona, PA just in time to be pelted with icy showers. But even the rain couldn’t tamp down our enthusiasm and we hunted away. Caught up in the excitement of RV shopping I totally forgot to put an umbrella in the car. The salesmen at Best Choice were absolute gems— they offered us an umbrella and toted us up the hill to look at a few Flagstaff units. We had never head of the Flagstaff brand before, but our agent George really was a fan. Derek and I each loved the huge windows and layout design of the units. Finally we raced on to our last stop, Camping World of Pittsburgh, located in Apollo, PA. We braved the chilly drizzle and looked at a few used RVs on the lot before perusing the camp store products. Check out some of the fun and funny products we found: a fan, these must have bathroom products, and this tasty looking tape. We also had to check out the toilet section. Recently I’ve become intrigued with, and have a slight obsession about, composting toilets. You’ll have to see how Derek feels about the idea… Exhausted but invigorated we journeyed back to Johnstown until the next leg of our RV adventure

Don’t miss any of the details; check out our video and see the hunt for our perfect RV! We’d love to hear from you too. Leave a comment and introduce yourselves. (It's easy-- just sign in with Facebook or Google!) What are your favorite RVs, and why? Are you digging a composting toilet, yay or nay?

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