First Music Festival in the RV -- Grass in the Glades

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As you may already know, Derek and I love seeing live music. We actually met at a music festival in Johnstown, and are looking forward to celebrating that anniversary soon! One of the ideas we are most excited about while traveling in the RV is to see a variety of musical talents and flavors all over the country. This past weekend we got to experience our first festival with our home. Not only was it our first festival the camper, it was also the first time we dry camped in the trailer! We have been acquiring equipment, coming up with questions, and developing experiments to test out our skills at boondocking in a controlled and short-term environment. Derek and I gained invaluable information and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at Grass in the Glades!

Knowing we were leaving the next morning, we spent time battening down the hatches Thursday night. Now that Derek and I have moved our rig more than a handful of times the process is starting to become easier and more streamlined. We’re getting into our groove! It is much less stressful to start packing up the night before and making sure the trailer is ready for travel. We have learned a few tips in our short time traveling to ensure an easy arrival. Hanging pictures with Velcro Command Strips is a great idea for us. We had a few problems with pictures falling off the walls while driving. With Velcro, pictures can easily be removed and laid somewhere safe for the journey. We have also realized what cabinets need some extra TLC when preparing for a trip. It is not fun to open the trailer and find an entire closet spilled out onto the floor-- which definitely happened once or twice. While preparing for the festival, no packing was necessary but I went shopping and tried to create some easy meals ahead of time.

Our first time filling up the fresh water tank! Make sure to do a little research on sanitizing and cleaning the tank if you try this in your rig for the first time.

Adventuring to the Glades was a little different for us because we knew that there would be no electric, water, or sewage hook-ups. We were ready to rough it --although going to a festival in your home has some great luxury to it-- and be frugal with our resources. Being mindful of your consumption is extremely important while traveling, and we were excited to monitor our fresh water usage, how quickly the gray and black tanks filled, what drained the battery, and test out the generator. Not to mention enjoy some bluegrass! Friday morning we made sure to fill up the freshwater tank for the first time and have gas for the generator. Traveling with pets is always a unique experience. Boone loves truck rides, while Saylor would prefer to be in the trailer. She has been adjusting to travel life, getting braver in the truck. This past trip Saylor attempted an elaborate escape, making it as far as the front door of the trailer before being scooped up and receiving a harness adjustment. After we caught the cat, readied ourselves, and hitched up the RV, off we went to the PA - WV border.

A peek at our home for the weekend.

Derek and I arrived at Grass in the Glades a few hours before the music began and took time to set-up our temporary home. Once we were situated it was time to meet up with friends and explore the festival grounds. A large stage with a second smaller set-break stage were set up. A large fire pit was stocked with wood and ready for a fire later in the evening, and several vendor tents sprinkled the perimeter of the audience. Camping styles were varied, and all were welcome. Everyone from car campers to pop-ups to schoolies were present. It was so much fun to just walk around and look at everyone’s camp before heading back home to grab tacos before the night really began.

The weekend kicked off with a night full of food, drinks, good people and music. We spent most of the time listening to music and walking around the festival grounds. Even while walking around the venue bluegrass filled the air, creating a welcome and relaxing environment. As the night grew colder it was an amazing luxury to walk back to the house and grab another layer before hitting up more music and dancing into the wee hours of the night! Saylor was happy to hang out at the RV and listen all night, while Boone preferred a few late night walks to sniff and visit all his potential new friends. Some of the best times at festivals we have had is saying hello, and sharing stories around the campfire.

The next morning Derek and I leisurely woke up. It is so much easier to sleep in a little when

you’re in an RV as opposed to a tent. Sunlight can be brutal… and sweaty! Both of us showered and prepared for the day. Yes. We showered! Something I don’t think I’ve done at a festival before. I putzed around camp as Derek made up some bacon and other goodies for breakfast. Blue skies and heat greeted us all day, and the little bit of rain from the night before was forgotten. Most of Saturday was spent bee bopping between musical sets, grabbing food, and taking breaks from the sun. Boone even was able to visit the stage with us to enjoy the music! In the afternoon, Derek and I retired for a while to take a quick nap and cook up a community dinner. While we napped the heat broke a little and we were ready to check out the music again in the evening. The weekend continued on with its slow pace and bluegrass, which was exactly what we needed. Throughout our time at the Glades we got to hear the melodic pickings of The Jakob's Ferry Stragglers, Folkfaces, Dirty Blanket, the Shelf Life String Band, Split String Soup, the Sweaty Already String Band, the Dishonest Fiddlers, 18 Strings, Herb and Hanson, Buffalo Rose, and so many more talents musicians.

Derek and I got to relax and enjoy some great music and test out our boondocking skills. We did not even fill the gray tank after multiple showers and dishes. We used the batteries sparingly and recharged with our generator once or twice. I think we are so much more prepared for the future dry camping we do. What do you know about dry camping, or what questions do you have? Is bluegrass your jam? Let us know here on the blog, write a comment on this week’s YouTube video, find us on Facebook or Instagram. Don’t forget to like, subscribe, follow... on whatever social media platform you use.

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