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Hi! We are Alex and Derek-  two fun loving, adventure seeking individuals who have decided to start our newest journey together! We are selling our home, along with nearly everything we own, and have bought an RV to travel across North America in search of adventure and lasting memories. We have decided to blaze our own path to success, doing what we love, and working how and when we want to- wherever that happens to be.


Which brings us to the Tie Dye. As lovers of color we want to spread our warm and happy hues across the country, creating vibrant tie dye designs for all to enjoy! We strive to provide you with the experience of creating colorful, wearable art that you can enjoy for years to come. We work with groups big and small in backyards, bars, and businesses all over the country to help teach people how to spread a little happiness with a splash of color. Leave the hard work up to us and head over to the Tie Dye section of our site for more details on how to make your upcoming party or event a vivid hit!

Our Travels

When the two of us met back in 2015, we quickly realized that we're both the type of people who like to make the most of every minute. We share a common desire to really see and enjoy all of what life has to offer. Since meeting, we have squeezed out every drop of free time in our busy schedules to explore some exciting destinations. From the Florida Keys to Niagara Falls with fun trips peppered in between, we try to find ways to

ways to make the most of the time we have and get out and see everything this great country has to offer! 


This is why we are so excited to begin the newest leg of our journey and transition into full time RV living!! We want to bring you along for the ride as we travel this beautiful country in an RV, stopping all along the way for fun tie dye good times, as well as national parks, state parks, tourist traps, tasty treats, and more! We'll share our adventures here with you as we cruise along our nation's highways, back roads, and extraordinary destinations. We're on an open-ended adventure in every direction with sights set on all the excitement life has to offer.

You'll be able to read about all of our adventures in the Adventure Blog section of our site. Check us out there, and follow us in the social media universe to keep up on our latest happenings. 

This is Boone, and he's coming too!

(So is Saylor )

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Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

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